WP5: Geodetic fundamental stations

The Consortium also investigates the potential of 3D real-time metrology at geodetic fundamental stations in Onsala, Sweden, and the prospective fundamental station in Metsähovi, Finland with the goal to reduce the uncertainty of local tie metrology.

A first Monte-Carlo based model for uncertainty propagation of local tie measurements was developed. After future refinements and comparison with experimental data, it will contribute to a better understanding of these measurements which are highly critical for the maintenance of global geodetic reference frames.

Distance measurement campaigns between both stations performed with VLBI and GNSS will verify the reduction of the uncertainty of the terrestrial reference frames if respective corrective measures are applied. Preparations for these campaigns are ongoing. Measurements are scheduled for 2015.

3D point cloud of the Onsala space observatory ((c) by SP)

GNSS antenna mounted for the online surveillance of the VLBI antenna at Onsala Space Observatory ((c) by SP)