SIB60 project ends after 36 months

The SIB60 Surveying projected ended on June 30, 2016 after 36 months of successfull work in the field of long distance surveying. The Consortium will continue publishing latest results and will also continue working in this...


SIB60 to present its results at JISDM 2016 in Vienna

The members of the SIB60 Consortium will actively participate at the 3rd Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring (JISDM) in Vienna from 30th March–1st April 2016. Contributions on all major project results...


Workshop Material Online

The 1st Workshop on Metrology for Long Distance Surveying organized by the JRP Consortium and hosted by the IPQ at Caparica, Portugal on November 21, 2014 was a big success with 25 presentations by externals and Consortium member...


First Public Workshop on November 21, 2014 in Caparica, Portugal

The Consortium of JRP SIB60 Surveying invites all interested parties to come to our first public workshop on "Metrology for Long Distance Surveying" which will take place in Caparica, Portugal, at IPQ. We will present...


JRP team to meet at CNAM, Paris

The JRP SIB60 Surveying team will meet internally on June 11/12 2014 at CNAM, Paris. Please use our online form to register.


JRP Consortium strengthened by 3 researcher grants

In the course of the 2013 EMRP stage 3 call, the JRP SIB60 Consortium could gain 3 additional researchers to join the Consortium. Additional insights into femtosecond laser-based distance metrology and into improvement of...


1st progress meeting at Torino on December 17th and 18th

The JRP SIB60 Consortium will meet internally at INRIM Torino on December 17th and 18th to discuss progress and to prepare the first interim report.

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