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Good practice guide for high accuracy global navigation satellite system based distance metrology

Author(s): A. Bauch, L. Eusébio, U. Kallio, H. Koivula, S. Lahtinen, F. Marques, O. Pellergrino, C. Pires, F. Pollinger, M. Poutanen, F. Saraiva, S. Schön and F. Zimmermann
Year: 2016
Month: September
Institution: PTB, IPQ, FGI-NLW, LUH, UBO
File URL:
Abstract: This guidance document has been written to meet the need for a basic document for laboratories undertaking the use of GNSS based distance meters (GBDM) with accuracies in the millimetre regime using geodetic grade GNSS equipment for antennae, receivers, and software analysis. The focus of this document is the identification, quantification and recommendations on minimisation of experimental uncertainty sources for the GBDM in surveying practice in this uncertainty regime. The algorithmic data analysis is not within the scope of this document. Conclusions are mainly based on the results of respective experimental studies performed by the joint research project (JRP) “SIB60 metrology for long distance surveying” as part of the European metrology research programme(EMRP) between July 2013 and June 2016, but takes into account state of the art of respective literature.

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