Workpackages in JRP SIB60

WP1: Optical distance measurements in air

Workpackage 1 will focus on the optical measurement in air, in particular on the inline compensation of the refractive index along the whole beam path with a targeted relative uncertainty of 10-7 over a distance of 1 km. It will also investigate the impact of turbulences on the optical measurement.

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WP2: GNSS-based distance measurement

Workpackage 2 will be dedicated to a better understanding of the uncertainty of GNSS‑based distance metrology. The influence of troposphere, near‑field, multipath on uncertainty will be studied in optimised configurations. These studies will allow the development of a sound uncertainty model and an optimised field calibration procedure.

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WP3: Femtosecond laser - based long distance metrology

Workpackage 3 will explore different concepts for the application of femtosecond laser‑based many‑wavelength interferometry to long‑distance metrology with a targeted relative measurement uncertainty of 10-7 up to a distance of 50 m. They will also be validated under field conditions up to a distance of 600 m.

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WP4: Improving Surveying practice

Workpackage 4 will develop solutions to improve state‑of‑the‑art surveying practice immediately, ranging from field-capable optical standards with relative uncertainties of 10-7 for long‑distance baseline calibrations, over refined guidelines for the calibration of both EDM and GNSS‑based distance meters, up to an extensive inter‑comparison of major primary geodetic baselines in Europe.

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WP5: Local tie metrology at geodetic fundamental stations

Workpackage 5 will investigate different approaches to real‑time monitoring of local ties at geodetic fundamental stations, both experimentally and theoretically, developing fundamental metrology for the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS).

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WP6: Creating Impact

Workpackage 6 coordinates multiple measures to realise an optimum flow of information, by knowledge transfer, training, and exploitation, and has the overall goal to ensure a maximum impact of the advance generated in the project. 

WP7: Management and Coordination

Workpackage 7 includes the internal methods and procedures to ensure a smooth and effective delivery of the project objectives.



Workpackages and their interactions in JRP SIB60 Surveying.